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Interior and Exterior Commercial and Residential

Ross Painting provides and is experienced in the following services:
Commercial Interior Painting | Commercial Exterior Painting | Residential Interior Painting | Residential Exterior Painting | Apartment Buildings and Condos | Concrete Floor Coating | Restoration | Staining | Deck Coatings | Wall Coverings | Specialty Finishes

  • Sheetrock, taping, texturing and patching: For whole projects it is more cost effective to employ a full time taping contractor but Ross Painting’s painters are expert at taping, texturing and patching sheetrock.
  • Painting: All phases of interior and exterior painting including preparation, priming and finish painting.
  • Ceiling restoration: Ross Painting can restore a like new appearance to existing acoustical tile ceilings, drastically cutting the time and cost required to replace existing acoustic tiles with new ones. In addition to the time and money savings, an added benefit is that the existing grid will be coated at the same time to match the ceiling tile for a more expansive look. This coating will not bind the grid to the tiles and the tiles will not lose their acoustic properties. Work can be done in an occupied space with little or no interruption to the occupant's day time activities. Please visit ProCoat to learn more about the products we use for ceiling restorations.
  • Furniture-quality interior staining and blending: Ross Painting has spent time training and sending it’s painters to schools to learn and master the art of matching and blending stains to match finishes on new cabinets to existing and to repair damaged interior cabinets and furniture.
  • Refinishing: Preparing and either re-staining or re-painting existing casework or trim to a like new condition.
  • Decorative painting (faux) and specialty finishes: Ross Painting has experience in various decorative finishes often referred to as “faux” as well as venetian plaster, metallic paints, gold & silver leaf, multi-color paints like Zolotone or Multi-Spec and in the application of lacquers and automotive finishes to produce extremely high gloss finishes.
  • Cabinets: Painting or staining cabinets on site to the same or higher level of quality as you might expect from factory finished items.
  • Wallpaper: Hanging new and removal of old, we can also determine if and when you can hang new wallpaper or paint over existing wallpaper.
  • Porch & floor coating: Preparing and painting interior and exterior cement and wood floors with single component, 2 and 3 part products of latex, oil, urethane and epoxy based finishes. Ross Painting has a multi-purpose machine that can mechanically etch concrete floors, remove existing finishes and sand decks and wood floors.
  • Wood restoration: Removal of existing stains and clear finishes from exterior wood (shingles and boards) siding, trim and decks and reapply to create a "like new" finish.
  • Pressure washing: Power washing of surfaces with water to clean and prepare for further preparation and finishes. Ross Painting is experienced and exercises care when providing this service so as not to damage the surfaces being washed and to not allow intrusion of water into the building.
  • Waterproofing: Application of caulking and elastomeric paints to provide waterproof system to exterior of buildings. Ross Painting is, also, experienced in the application of waterproof finishes on the horizontal surfaces of decks and the like. However, Ross Painting will not apply these finishes over living spaces because Ross Painting is not able to provide the flashing and other non-paint items of work, which are integral to the effectiveness of the finished system.
  • Deck finishing: Stripping with chemical removers, and pressure washing or mechanically by sanding with our machine before applying of new sealers, stains or paints.