We Can Expertly Apply Every Type of Decorative Painting and Specialty Finish!

Painting contractors are not all equally adept at applying specialty finishes. Specialty finishes are difficult to work with because they perform differently depending on air temperature, humidity and even dew points. A painting contractor needs to understand the inherent property of the specialty finish materials to achieve the desired effect. They also need to have the right equipment to get professional-level results.

Ross Painting Has Mastered A Wide Variety of Decorative Painting and Specialty Finishes, Including:

Faux Paint – We can help you achieve a variety of stunning faux paint looks, from marble to wood.

Zolotone – This multicolor paint suspends tiny balls of color within the paint. These paint particles explode on impact when applied, creating a one-of-a-kind look that appears natural and conceals scuffs and stains.

Conversion Varnishes – This material is chemically cured and more durable than lacquer. We prefer conversion varnish over lacquer for cabinets and trim.

Wood Cabinet Dyes – Leaving dye on wood too long can over darken the finish. We know how long to leave on your wood dye to achieve exactly the look you want.

Epoxy Floor Coatings – This concrete coating resists oil stains, beads water and wipes clean like a kitchen counter. Epoxy has to be applied quickly because it can dry within 45 minutes.

Ross Painting has been expertly applying decorative paint and specialty finishes throughout Marin County, Napa County, Sonoma County and San Francisco, since 1986. We know how to achieve exactly the look you want!

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